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Fill out the detailed information and and you will get the best design solution for FREE!

The wrong choice of decorative board  manufacturers will cause a great loss, so the selection and procurement of  decorative board need to be cautious.

Chaotic phenomenon in the  industry
New type decorative board industry has developed quickly in the recent  years, the delay in the introduction of national standards. Shoddy products on  the market appear frequently now.In face of fierce competition in this new industry, some small businesses  are breaking the quality bottom line with low-cost strategy to snatch the  market under the pressure of survival.
The new type decorative boards are various, and consumers do not have the  professional knowledge to distinguish the quality; usually the bad quality products  will appear problems after several years.Illegal enterprises are becoming more and more, product quality can not be  guaranteed (there is no R & D team, production equipment and testing  equipment).

Six advantages of enterprise:

1. Antibacterial patented technology, effectively killing more than 95% of bacteria, is the best choice of municipal, hotel and hospital projects.

2. 11-year experiences in professional production of marble texture decorative boards, daily output over 40,000 square meters, with advanced equipment.

3. Provide professional designed services of the projects.

4. Ensure that all products can be used more than 10 years.

5. Easy to install, lower workers’ installing cost.

6. Professional product research and development team, has a long-term cooperation with professional product development teams and design companies from Japan and Germany; over 1,000 kinds of colors and designs closely follow the international trend.

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