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To meet the demand of wall decorating revolution for environment friendly, energy saving, radiation reducing, installation simplifying, our company Jiangmen Feifan Industrial Co.,ltd.(with factoryarea of 15,000m2) introduced advanced production technologies and equipment from Japan and Germany and now have researched, developed wall decorating materials (the patent No.:200420083301 and 200910301755) of world leading technologies, setting up own grand brands "Feifan" and "Caijie".

Fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, fibre cement board or glass fibre magnesium oxide board is used as basic materials; processed by special treatment technics; with texture of marble, wood, aluminum plastic board or design of intelligent personality. 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other poisonous substances and without radiation; fire and water proof, light and hard, can be used and replaced natural marble, MDF, wooden plate, ceramic facing tile and aluminum plastic plate etc. 

on the outer wall decorations in tunnel, subway, airport, marketplace, hospital, office, kitchen, bathroom, lab etc; Have been sold to many large and medium cities home and abroad in Japan, Europe, Australia etc.

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